Advancements In Satellite Communication…

 Satellites have evolutionized communication. Satellite communication has served mankind in many ways for instance its is used to predict  weather and broadcast storm warnings and also provides a wide range of communication services in the fields of relaying television programs, digital data for a multitude of business
services. It might not surprise us if, in near future satellite links are used for voice and fax transmission to aircraft on international routes.


In this present era, communication plays a vital role. We use a wide
range of devices to communicate between two persons placed at different places (irrespective of the distance between them). Any earth-orbiting spacecraft that provides communication over long distances by reflecting or relaying radio-frequency signals. Satellites have evolutionized communication by making worldwide telephone
links and live broadcasts common occurrences. A satellite receives a microwave signal from a ground station on the earth (the uplink), then amplifies and retransmits the signal back to a receiving station or stations on earth at a different frequency (the downlink).

Aleem Siddiqui